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Over 12 years, hundreds of dyno's sold, and non stop product development bring you what we consider to be the most affordable fully featured dyno on the market today!
Over the next few weeks we will be adding new videos for setup, operation and tuning tips. Check back here often, we have big plans for this part of the site!
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Dayton Dyno under new management.
After a 2 year transition period during which time the new owners worked closely with previous ownership to be able to continue to bring you the best bang for your buck of any dyno on the market, Dayton Dyno has officially changed ownership as of 1/1/2014. All Dyno's are still developed, manufactured and tested in house here at our Dayton, Ohio facility.

Continuous product improvement and excellence in support of existing customers are our primary goals. Look for new features and offerings this year as well as new feature additions offered for our existing Dyno's already out in the world!
Customer Testimonials
After my initial setup and operations instruction I called again and was surprised to find out that the staff at Dayton Dyno was happy to answer other questions I had and discuss how I could best use my new purchase to my advantage. Excellent support after they had my money!
Did you know?
That all dyno's manufactured with V3 of our hardware are capable of using dual air fuel probes? This allows you to tune both cylinders independantly in half the time on V Twin motorcycles with True Dual exhaust!
Did you know?
That we have upgrade programs for our older dyno's to allow existing customers to bring their data processing up to the current speed and features? We value every Dayton Dyno owner, wether they have purchased their Dayton Dyno, new or used!
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Parts and Accesories
News Flash!!!

As of the 2014 model year all Dayton Dyno's will be shipping with USB weather stations which will allow automatic correction and collection of weather data!
300HP Software package